NBA In-Season Tournament takes shape, “Final Four” will be held in Las Vegas


The NBA announced Wednesday that it will announce the parameters of its first in-season tournament on Saturday.

ESPN also reported that the “Final Four” will be held in Las Vegas at the end of December.

The league will announce dates, structuring, locations and group groups during the special. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will also join the show to talk about the new mid-season fold.

It has previously been reported that the tournament will be split into six pools of five teams each, and that the pools will be made up of teams from the same conference, but not necessarily the same division. Teams play four group matches, each meeting once against each team in their pool. Winners qualify for a single elimination stage.

In the regular season, each team has an initial 80 games on the schedule, with two more games added for those who do not qualify for the playoffs in the tournament. The two teams battling for the championship will play 83 games combined in the regular season. In addition, the statistics of the games, with the exception of the championship game, are included in the regular season results.

Players who are part of the championship team will receive a bonus of $500,000.

This is an evolving story.

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