NBA Introduces Flop Penalty, Second Coach’s Challenge


The flops have to stop.

According to The Athletic, the NBA Board of Governors has voted to introduce two new rule changes for the 2023-24 season.

The first gameplay change aims to penalize players for flopping, a tactic that’s growing in popularity across the league as players attempt to sell contact in hopes of receiving whistles from officials.

Players who flop – or are ordered to foul another player for “a physical action reasonably intended to induce the officials to foul another player” will be assessed a non-unsportsmanlike technical penalty Failure to do so will result in a personal foul or a sacking. But it gives the opposing team a free throw and could result in a change of possession depending on when it’s called.

Officials may choose to pause live play to report a flop violation, or they may wait until the next “neutral opportunity” to do so.

Floppers are fined $2,000, with penalties increasing progressively for repeat offenders. The flop rule applies to a year-long experiment.

The second gameplay change will focus on trainer challenges.

Changing the Challenge Rules is something Trainers have been asking for for a while. Trainers who challenge a call and are successful are given a chance to perform a second challenge – with a catch. Teams must have time out to request a challenge; This time-out would not be maintained even if a coach won the first duel.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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