The line-up for the exciting final of the IFZA Silver Cup 2023 on Saturday is set


Team Bangash Dodson & Horrell delivered back-to-back quick and smooth goals from Ignacio Negri, but UAE Polo maintained a 2-goal lead at half-time. The game was even in the penultimate chukker with both teams scoring 6 goals each as each player showed skillful play.

At the final chukker, Haider Bangash scored for the team, but not long after the UAE polo players made rapid progress and finished the game 10-7, earning the UAE polo team their well-deserved place in the 2023 IFZA Silver Cup finals .

Match Progress: UAE Polo vs Bangash Dodson & Horrell Polo
3 – 1 | 5 – 1 | 6 – 4 | 6 – 6| 10 – 8

Top Scorer: Lucas Monteverde Jr., 4 goals

The Dubai Wolves by Cafu took advantage in the first chukker as Carlos Ulloa opened the afternoon game with 3 goals in a row. The next chukker didn’t see much of Cafu’s Dubai Wolves as Bautista Bayugar scored twice followed by one from Juan Jauretche to level the game. Both teams increased the pace in the following chukkers, but the IFZA Habtoor Polo Team led the game 8 points to 7. It was a battle for victory in the last chukker with Wolves giving their all. However, back-to-back goals from IFZA Habtoor Polo patron Mohammed Al Habtoor secured the team the victory, 11 points to 9.

Match Progress: IFZA Habtoor Polo vs Dubai Wolves by Cafu
1 – 3 | 4 – 4| 7 – 6 | 8 – 7 | 11 – 9

Top Scorer: Bautista Bayugar & Carlos Ulloa, 5 goals each

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Program for the last day:

12:00 gates open

13:30 IFZA Habtoor Polo vs Dubai Wolves by CAFU

13:15 Saxophone in the IFZA Lounge

3:00 p.m. Cheerleader Show

15:05 Acrobat Balance Show in the IFZA Lounge

15:15 Dubai Mounted Police Horse Show

15:35 Miabella Fashion Show in the IFZA Lounge (15 min.)

15:55 UAE national anthem & team introduction

16:00 UAE Polo vs AM Polo

16:40 Find the gold coins

17:15 Acrobat – Diamond Show in the IFZA Lounge

award ceremony

17:45 Singers in the IFZA Lounge

18:00 LED show

18:30 After Party in the Silver Lounge

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