Will Kevin Durant start the season in Brooklyn?


almost a month ago, Kevin Durant asked for a trade from the Brooklyn Networks after two injury-plagued seasons with the franchise.

But things haven’t gone quite as planned for the perennial All-Star since then.

Apparently, teams have steadily pulled out of the sweepstakes to acquire the 34-year-old future Hall of Famer. The question now is: will Durant be forced to start the season in Brooklyn?

Chris Broussard said Friday that given the market with teams that appear unwilling to budge to offer Durant a huge haul, he will remain for the time being.

“We see teams getting out every day! Phoenix is ​​out. Miami is out. Toronto is out. What’s the deal that’s going to be done? The most likely scenario is that KD starts the season in Brooklyn,” Broussard said.

The KD trading saga continues

The KD trading saga continues

Chris Broussard breaks down options in Kevin Durant Trade sweepstakes and says KD may need to start season in Brooklyn.

Another possible scenario that has gained traction over the past week is that Durant could be traded to Boston, which would require a lot of assets from a team that made the NBA Finals last season.

“If they want to give up Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, if I’m the Nets, I’m demanding Robert Williams III and three first-round picks,” Broussard added. “If they want to give up on a deal like that, that might happen. But other than that, where on earth is he going?”

Beginning with his Achilles injury in the 2019 NBA Finals against Toronto, Durant has only played 90 games over the past three seasons. Broussard also mentioned that Kyrie Irving’s decision to remain in Brooklyn could also prompt KD to return.

“He was upset that Kyrie didn’t get a long-term extension. Well, Kyrie will be there and Kyrie has to play well and he has to win to some extent to get the bag he wants next season,” Broussard said.

Durant has been among the best players in the league throughout his career, especially when he’s been healthy for the last two seasons with Brooklyn. In 90 games with the Nets, he has averaged 28.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.0 assists on 52.8% shooting and 41.7% from 3.

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