New Formula E trophy unveiled


The task was to create a legendary new racing trophy for the GEN3 eRa. It was important that it was conveyed eElectrification, speed and movement while maintaining it eElegance and modernity.

Designers at Beta were inspired by real components of the world’s first all-eElectric Motorsport World Championship. The trophy consists of 44 fins: 22 larger fins represent the 22 riders in which they compete formula E, and 22 smaller fins representing their cars on the track. The trophy shape is inspired by automotive spokes, heat sinks and cores in a power cable combined with flowing lines seen in automotive body panels.

Anodized aluminum was chosen as the main material for its lightweight, rigid qualities, which also eallows for an exact color match of gold and silver. It was crucial that the final creation felt high.end and Premium to match the sport’s FIA World Championship status.

Henry Chilcott, Chief Marketing Officer, formula Esaid:

“We tasked Beta with creating a trophy that would be the pinnacle eExpression of our new brand identity. Inspired by the instant torque of eElectric Acceleration, the trophy addresses our sport’s role as a powerful catalyst for change while also capturing it eexcitement and speed of eelectric race. We can’t wait to see it lifted in celebration at our first race of Season 9 in Mexico City on Saturday January 14th.”

Mark Reilly, Beta Co-Founder and Creative Director said:

“We wanted the trophy design to have a sense of eelectricity, the eEssence of a cup, but with the acceleration boost. Creating a narrative in projects is important to us at Beta. Both Harry [Mitchell, Co-Founder & Creative Director] and I are motorsport fans and we wanted the design to act as a motorsport icon eexciting and fast eevolution from formula Eand a vision for the future.”

The 2023 Hankook Mexico City E-Prix opens season 9 of the ABB FIA formula E World Championship this Saturday. Legendary motorsport names Maserati and McLaren will compete in one for the first time formula E Grid where they compete with Porsche, Jaguar and Nissan among the 11 teams racing the GEN3 car for the first time.

Elev world cities will be hosts formula E Races in Season 9, which includes opening races eStops in Hyderabad, Cape Town, São Paulo and Portland (Oregon, USA) and returns to Mexico City, Diriyah, Berlin, Rome, Jakarta, Monaco and London.

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