Why Masters Sunday is the best day in esports


With Tiger Woods On his much-anticipated return to golf, the magic of the Masters is more evident than ever.

On the latest episode of ‘The Skip Bayless Show’, Skip Bayless spoke about what makes the tournament so special year after year and explained why he believes Masters Sunday is the best day in sport.

“No sporting event that I know of as a spectator and sports addict … delivers the consistent drama that Masters Sunday offers,” he said. “It’s because this golf course – it’s the most beautiful place in the world to start with. … Those pines are towering. On TV you can’t understand how spooky and spooky it is because they’re like ‘Jack and ‘Like up the beanstalk.’

“It’s getting quiet down there around what’s called Amen Corner, and you better say your prayers before you venture into Amen Corner, because that golf course is going to eat up leaders on Sunday.”

Why Masters Sunday is the best day in esports

Why Masters Sunday is the best day in esports

As Tiger Woods celebrated his much-anticipated return to golf at the Masters, Skip Bayless explained why the tournament is so special year after year.

“It’s the wildest ride in the sport because it’s so risky and so rewarding,” Bayless added.

“It’s the tee shot over Rae’s Creek on the par 3 [No. 12]. It’s easily the scariest shot in golf. It’s actually the scariest moment in sports year after year…because the wind is so unpredictable. It swirls between the pines. You think it’s with you and it’s against you.”

“For me, golf is the greatest test of endurance in sport, especially at the highest level,” Bayless continued. “There’s no reaction in the Gulf. … [The ball] won’t move until you move, with shaking hands and bouncing stomach. … [It is] the largest golf course in the world. … It’s breathtakingly scary. There’s something about the dynamic that produces the greatest drama year after year.

“It goes beyond the Super Bowl drama or the Game 7 drama in the NBA or the World Series.”

The 86th Masters tournament was a thrill in Round 3 with Tiger Woods in action on Saturday followed by Round 4 on Sunday.

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