Mbappe addresses the “relationship we have with time” in the latest Hublot campaign


Considered one of the world’s greatest footballers, Kylian Mbappe is in the prime of life, a living embodiment of passion, success and the power of dreams.

Multidisciplinary Creative Director Ezra Petronio captures the excellence of the gamer and applies an uncompromising, timeless yet contemporary aesthetic that eschews the glamor in the latest Hublot advertising campaign.

Global player Mbappe, known for his sporting intelligence, spirit and commitment, is a true icon of world football; And yet it was the intensity of his direct gaze and his candor that the internationally acclaimed photographer focused on for the new campaign.

“It was an honor to work on this project and to address our relationship at the time,” Mbappe said. “I love the simplicity and the beauty of enduring things that have a soul.”

Mbappe, Ezra and Hublot share common values, including a long-standing respect for creativity, work, integrity and the pursuit of perfection.

“As one of the brand’s ambassadors, Kylian is universally respected for his excellence on court and his humility off it,” said Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.

“Ezra is a pursuit of perfection whose unique signature is a creative vision that finds inspiration in all areas of the creative arts. Their shared ethos reflects the Hublot philosophy and we were delighted to bring them together for this campaign.”

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