What we learned from the all-new ONE Friday Fights


What a way to start things at ONE Friday Fights with a fight that will top some in the year recaps.

Seksan or. Kwanmuang and Tyson Harrison immediately put on a Muay Thai classic with a catch weight of 140 pounds. The back and forth doesn’t do this one justice as both men go head-to-head for the full nine minutes and put on a show viewers won’t soon forget.

Seksan may have gotten the nod via a split decision and a performance bonus, but both men take great credit for making this special evening even more worthwhile.

No punch against Nong-O

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is getting a little ridiculous now – even more figuring out how someone stops him.

Russia’s Alaverdi Ramazanov started the fight well and saw some success in the early rounds, but the way Nong-O figured out his opponent and then systematically dismantled him was chilling.

A stoppage in the third round after a barrage of heavy artillery was enough to reap a performance bonus – and send another message to his potential rivals.

Prajanchai back in title hunt

Anyone who wants to write off Prajanchai PK.Saenchai can reconsider. Though no longer in possession of the ONE Muay Thai strawweight world title, Prajanchai is still as good as ever.

He’s been keeping Kompetch Sitsarawatsuer under pressure every round this weekend, coming forward with a barrage of shots at will and not giving his younger opponent the chance he craved.

This unanimous decision puts him back in the Victory Column and certainly on another collision course with Joseph Lasiri – the man who clinched his title.

Friday nights were just plain fun

If you’re anything like us, the gap between events can often feel a lot longer than it is – now we don’t need to worry. ONE Friday Fights as a weekly calendar entry is just what fight fans need.

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