Sun & Sand Sports on collaborating with DJ Khaled and their #CommitToNothing campaign


We spoke to Mohamed Bodiat, Senior Vice President Brands – Sports at GMG to discuss all about #CommitToNothing and Sun & Sand Sports.

Q: DJ Khaled stars in your latest #CommitToNothing campaign. What made him so perfect?

A: DJ Khaled is known for his larger than life personality which makes him perfect for our campaign which aims to make sport fun for everyone. The Grammy winner embodies the spirit of Sun & Sand Sports today, where as a brand we work to make sport less intimidating for everyone and hope our campaign will encourage people to try anything without pressure or judgement. We aim to redefine their sporting journey with the help of DJ Khaled and his irreverent and infectious personality, which as you can see is beautifully portrayed through our campaign film and visuals.

Q: How much did you enjoy working with DJ Khaled on this campaign? He’s someone the whole world cares about. Please share your campaign journey.

A: Working on this campaign with DJ Khaled was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. He’s very passionate about what he does and the campaign is a testament to that.

Q: Tell us about the #CommitToNothing ad and how it was created

A: The campaign film translates our overarching mission to make sport fun and to be a sport enabler for everyone in the region. With that goal in mind, we’ve embarked on the next phase of our mission: to encourage people to try different sports, not just commit to one.

Q: What was the reaction to the #CommitToNothing campaign?

A: The campaign received a lot of positive feedback from everyone and has gained momentum across multiple channels across social media, PR and even influencers. We are very happy with the response and truly believe this is just the beginning of making sport fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Q: How can Sun & Sand Sports help people interested in trying new sports?

A: As the leading sports brand in the region, we want to help people find what they love or not by trying different sports. Ultimately, we want to eradicate the intimidation that many people experience when exercising and replace it with pure joy. At Sun & Sand Sports you will find various brands of clothing and equipment to help everyone on their sporting journey. In addition to the right product, we also have the right team members in stock who will accompany you more closely on your sporting journey.

Q: How big is the range of different sports at Sun & Sand Sports?

A: Sun & Sand Sports hosts many different brands from Nike, adidas, Puma, Under Armor and many more. Find the best fit and gear for all your sporting needs at any of our local stores or online at

Q: How important is it to enjoy sport and how does Sun & Sand Sports achieve this?

A: Over the years, Sun & Sand Sports has evolved from a focus on pure performance to a brand that makes sport fun for all, which is very important to us. After extensive research on the topic, we quickly discovered that many children stop playing sports due to the pressure of play. As a result, this took precedence in our overall efforts to restore the fun element to esports, resulting in our new narrative as #FUNTOTHEFINISH.

Q: Talk to us through the TikTok Hashtag Challenge

A: Our TikTok hashtag challenge encourages everyone to capture their sporting journey while really being themselves, even if that means trying different sports to find the one that really fits or doesn’t; because the key to approaching any sport is just being brave enough to try. The challenge goes live on January 31st. Stay tuned!

Q: What does 2023 hold for Sun & Sand Sports as a brand?

A: This year, we aim to continue breaking the norms of sport through bold and thought-provoking campaigns that encourage people to rethink their sporting journey.

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